Useful Goodies

My order of goodies have arrived since 3 weeks ago. And I didn't have time to upload photos of my goodies. A lots of exams were waiting for me for the few past weeks. My apologize >_<" I bought myself the Code Geass messenger bag. Very nice bag, no regrets for this purchase. It has 2 pockets on each side, 2 in the front and as usual one with enough of space to put books or whatever you likes. The pockets in the front are very useful to carry figmas, it fit very well ^^. Next one is an anime calendar 2009 with full images of Lucky Stars, Kanon and Hatsune Miku. Now I'm set for 2009!!! Also, I added reminders on it for free of charge.(eg. friend's birth, important days, etc...) The last one is Danny Choo t-shirt ver. "tare" designed by Chun. The tee, I already got it very long time ago, uhmm, maybe for 2 months...

If you want to buy Tare tee, here's the link to Chun's shop

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