Little Busters! Mug Cup

Wooot~! I bought a mug cup last 2 weeks and I went to the post office to grab it today. Recently, HobbySearch have introduced "SAL Small Packet" a new shipping method that cost cheaper than "EMS Express Mail Service". Of course, SAL is slower than EMS since we pay less.

So I tried this new service to save money and the Customs fees. It took 1 week and 3 days to reach my doorstep instead of 4~6 days with EMS this Little Busters! mug cup. I think it is worthwhile to use this service even if it's slow. It save money little by little and at the end I can buy another figure/goodies or whatever you want with the saved money.

Dengeki Daioh Feb2010

Got my copie of Dengeki Daioh magazine today. This is my first magazine order... That was a surprise when I received it because I thought it was a normal magazine that introduce new animes, figures and games. But this one have merged many manga chapters together. It wasn't mentioned in the descriptions when I bought it. T^T


Buylist of 2010

A new year have just started, so a new buylist will come also with it. Of course, the list will grow during the year... And I'm sure it will explode my budget at the end of the years.

Hatsune Miku: VN02
Ymir: Steel Staff ver.
Akiyama Mio: Original costume ver.
Hirasawa Yui
Kousaka Tamaki: School Swimsuit Maid ver.
Sonsaku Hakufu: Gym suit ver.2
Black ★ Rock Shooter: Black blade ver.
Saber: The Promised Sword of Victory Excalibur

That's for now, like I said this is just the start xD Some of them, I have already pre-ordered. The others, I'm still waiting for the release date.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

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