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The first 2009 loot...

My Manaka Komaki figure from To Heart 2 has just arrive! I got it from Akadot, it was on promotion, 50% off, so I purchased her for 23.60$US including shipping fees. It was a good deal ^^. That's because she has been release since age ago and they wants to get rip off her.

I really the pic. It seems my photo skills are still here ^^

I will upload some pics of Fate ver. figma on the next post. (^-^)/

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Lauren said...

I kinda wanted this when I saw her for $15 once... her face is so glossy, it looks like she was playing sports for hours before. ^^

angelpsych0 said...

A bit too much pictures XDD! It gets boring when its the same pose over and over. Although you took her from different angles D:! But still, you got nice pictures ^__^~

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