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Went to a friend's home to celebrate Easter. And we made our dinner all together ^_^ Also, we watched "One missed call ver. jap." a scary movie XD The main plate was Pad Thai: Thailand's food, of course. It's so popular that everyone should know that I think. And for the side dish chocolate eggs!!!

So colorful isn't it? and tasty =p

My friend Vyvy was taking care the peppers. Yummy! vegetables ^^

For the meat, we got chicken!'s so freaky in this pic XD

Tadam! Dinner's ready!! Pad thai homemade =)

Looks delicious and Tsukasa wants to join in XD

Even Kagami came to taste our dinner XD But she was shy to ask us. So, Tsukasa ask for her and for herself XD

There was a pillow fight after the movie but only the girls were involved into this. Hehehe! We ended our party at 2am! Everyone was tired and feeling sleepy. -_- zZzZ

And I'm looking foward for another party like this with my friends (^_^)/

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angelpsych0 said...

Hey Derek!
How are you?
I was quite happy reading your post, I'm glad you had fun =3! Very very happy that you did! Nice pictures! I did not know you took a picture of me!! Well, is it normal there's never any heads in your blog =p? You dont like real people so you hide their heads? Meanie! Just kidding! I liked the pictures of Tsukasa and Kagami! But I think you freaked the others out XD! Me too I hope we spend more times like that :3

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