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Vocaloid loot!

After one month without new figures, I finally get a new bunch of figures this week =D

Since last month, I was lack of cash. So, I have decided to take a break on buying goodies. But this time, my summer job started last week. Money is coming in... XD And I have decided to continue moving down in my buylist. The next figures were Rin & Len from Vocaloid.

The two others were for my friend Vyvy. She's a fan of Rin & Len XD Always watch their musics video.
Not only them I got! I also found Hatsune Miku restocked in HobbySearch.

Pretty box ^^

The trio XD

Let's start with the twins!

Rin kawaii~! ^_^

Len's looks nice too

And now, let's go for Miku, my fav character in the Vocaloid

Pretty face =D

Nice pose! ^_^

My ecchi side is awake!!! XD

Another figure just arrive today. I will make another post soon for it. (^_^)/

2 pokes:

Yamada Atsushi said...

thats just awesome mate =D

Shinky said...

I guess the Vocaloid are just too popular~ That's why they continue to restock. ^.^

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