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Saber Lily - Distant Avalon

I got the figure 2 months ago. ^_^;; I was too lazy to make a post for this beauty. But I realized it will be a waste if I don't post it. Saber Lily was introduced from a PS2 game called Fate/Unlimited Codes. This is an action game(press up, down, up, x, for special move, things like that xD) I have never played this game since it has been release only at Japan T^T

A gameplay with Saber Lily...

I would like to play this game. It looks awesome. But it cost a bomb!!!! >0<;;;

find the difference xD




New Years is coming!! soon...

2 pokes:

Lightning Sabre said...

Hmm... if you have PSP you can download it for about $20+. That's if you have the US PSN ^^;

Hayasaki-kun said...

@Lightning Sabre: No i don't have a PSP either T^T

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