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Dengeki Daioh Feb2010

Got my copie of Dengeki Daioh magazine today. This is my first magazine order... That was a surprise when I received it because I thought it was a normal magazine that introduce new animes, figures and games. But this one have merged many manga chapters together. It wasn't mentioned in the descriptions when I bought it. T^T

This issue of Feb 2010 have some gifts: Shirai Kuroko strap and a preview comic called Genesis.

I have never see this manga before, so no idea... By the way, this mags is really thick like a phone-book

 here's a mini comic of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. The worst thing is I can't read japanese, so I have to take a dictionnary and put it next to me while I'm reading.

LOL at Misaka's face but Kuroko looks cute. I wonder why... I'm still on translating to be able to understand the story. So much pain for this little comic @_@;;;

Kuroku strap! She's now hanged on my cellphone ^^

comes from Genesis preview small book. The drawing looks good, I really want to know what they are saying in these speaking bubbles. Another pain for the translation xD

 found it in the strap box. A set of To Aru Kagaku no Index coming up this March. Looks like nendo puchi.

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Nicole said...

Hey, how did you get your first magazine from Dengeki Daioh? I really want one, but the website is all Japanese and I couldn't read them. Can you please give me directions so that I can get the magazines from them. Thanks!!

Hayasaki-kun said...

@Nicole: Oh...! Well, I bought it on in the section books/mangas or if it's all sold out. No worries, your can go on HobbySearch( in magazines section also. If you need more hep just ask me ^^

Anonymous said...

It's awesome ^^ it looks thicker than I thought. So how many pages do it have? Thanks !

Hayasaki-kun said...

@Anonymous: Thanks! ^^ Uhmm... Around 750 pages!!! xD Including ads and comics. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks so much ^^ I'm going to buy one to read. I'm really interested in thick japanese magazine!

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