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4 in 1 loot: Feng pastel Box

Today, I received Feng pastel Box from AmiAmi. This time, it cost my arm, around 9600 yen include shipping fees That's because there's more than just a figure. It comes 3 clear posters,visual book and a mouse pad. Well, for the price I can say it is acceptable because it's a limited figure plus goodies as bonus.

Actually there's 2 box: the figure box and posters box

When everything has been take out from the box

Let's see the booklet first =)

Take a look inside

The mouse pad...

The box that contains clear stick posters

Height: 50cm Width: 25cm

                all 3 posters stacked together                 2 posters stacked                                   the last one


She gorgeous =)

"EYES" *drools* =p



Nice hair...

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