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Ingram 98-AV

New action figurine arrived today! This one's from the anime Patlabor, it's an old anime. The first OVA was around 1988~1989. Then, TV series came out with 47 episodes(1989~1990) I remember I was watching this anime every week, since they just broadcast once a week. That was my first mecha anime. During the TV show, they have produced the first movie: Patlabor the movie(1989). Few years later after the TV series were finished, a new movie has show up: Patlabor 2(1993). The recent movie came out in March 2002: Patlabor WXIII, and later no more sign from them.

They called this mecha Ingram 98-AV. This figurine is made with metal. Very resistant and it won't break easily. Also, very heavy.

Also it come with a stand. But I prefer without, it take too much place.

Sorry I'm in a hurry, so I don't have much time to make a big one. But I will do in my next. See ya!

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