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Woot!! for Figma loot

This morning, around 9am, I was still in my warm bed. Suddenly, I heard someone were in front of my house. And then, my father called me. It was my package ordered from HobbySearch. I need to pay for the Customs, 28.17$CAD, I hate when it happen.

After, I ran up to my room and start to open the box.

So excited when I started to get those Figmas out.

Here's my brand new Figmas ready to be add into my collection.

I started playing with them, trying to think about a story that I can make. After my day of school, I came back with an idea, at last.


Yuki: ...

Itsuki: Hey! Yuki! ^^ Did you...

Haruhi: CUT!!!!!!

Itsuki: Huh?! Wha...what?! o_O"
Haruhi: You rude my sketch! >O<"

Itsuki: Bu..bu...but, I didn't mean it. -_-"
Haruhi: I don't care! >O<"
Kyon: Oh! I must record that. Hehehe ^-^

Itsuki: Ok... I'm sorry. My bad. >_<"
Haruhi: No! I can't let you go, I won't accept your apologize!
Kyon: Hehehe... The situation is getting worst. I like that. ^3^
Yuki: ...

Haruhi: If you want me to forgive you, let me do...
Itsuki: Huh?!

Haruhi: THAT!!!!
Itsuki: AWWWWW!!! HELP!

At the same time Mikuru enter into the classroom.
Mikuru: Uh...! What are they doing?

Kyon: Nothing! (Here's my chance to film Mikuru)
Mikuru: STOP!!! Don't film me!! >0<

Mikuru: I said stop!!! T^T
Kyon: Ah! Come one, just for a few minutes.
Haruhi: Why you.....!!
Itsuki: *fainted* x_x

Haruhi: There! pervert! -__-"
Mikuru: Thanks!! ^_^
Yuki: Well done...
Kyon: *fainted* x_x
Itsuki: *fainted* x_x

Hope you have enjoyed this little story, and at least laugh a little bit.

4 pokes:

Drieick said...

haha, that was hilarious!

puppy52doll said...

haha looked like you had fun making the little story! sorry about customs dings :(

Kawaiiboyz said...

haha... very funny...
Hey, you are good in making a story. i think it's nice...

~Be Kawaii~

angelpsych0 said...

Wow! Nice figmas and great story X3 You have quite a lot of imagination!

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