Kousaka Tamaki ~school swimsuit maid ver.~

YAY! I got the beautiful Tamaki today from AmiAmi! Built by Griffon Enterprise and 1/7 scale. She's from ToHeart 2, the story is about school girls life. This beauty cost me 6,080 yen, is a good price for a 1/7. Also I got Iron Strategist Ymir in the same package but I will post her later.

That's the perfect match between swimsuit and maid outfit. I really really like it ^^

Her cuteness is killing me!! WAAAAH!! x_x

She's one of the nicest in my collection. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

This figure is pretty nice. ^ ^

What are you shooting the pictures on?

Hayasaki-kun said...

@flawlessexa: I took these pictures on my glass table.

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