T&T Supermarket

During Easter weekend, I went with my family to Ottawa to visit the new T&T Supermarket. It's a asian supermarket that sells everything. They also sells hot foods like dim sum, roasted duck with rice, chicken feet my favorite, etc. and you can eat there or take-out. We drove straight 2 hours no pause that was hard. ^^;;

Cloudy day and rained a bit

The front view of the market

Noodle cup section! It's like the heaven for me xD


Cleaning products

We bought some foods from the supermarket and ate in the car because there was no more place to seat and eat. but we enjoyed the foods together.

Green onion pancake! yummy~

And yes. We bought all this!!! These aren't selling in our town so we bought as much as we can.

We also bought some sushi before leaving. hehe

On the way back home

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