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Hayate Yagami

Yay! I just received my Figma Hayate Yagami from HobbyLink Japan. She's from the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. This is a must see anime! And I highly recommended.

The price was 2667yen without shipping fees. Quite reasonable for me.

The box is the same size as Fate T.H. That's because there's a lots of accessories.

The wings at her back looks so real

Fate and Hayate together ^^

Well, this Figma has been release few months ago.
She's awesome, no regret with this purchase. I also recommend this Figma. By the way, I haven't receive my Figma Shana yet. Because KidNemo Company will get them this week >_<;

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Q said...

Hiya, thanks for commenting on my blog a while ago. I'm surprised that you still haven't got figma Shana by now. What I've heard from some other bloggers is that KidNemo seems to have problems with getting the goods quite often, forcing people to have their orders cancelled. Hope your Shana arrives soon as she's worth it (and you'd know what to expect as you've read my blog~).

Nice get on Hayate. She's another figma that got sold out really quickly back home in Hong Kong due to limited distribution. I haven't got her, but I'm satisfied with Fate alone~ They really do have a lot of accessories!

Shinky said...

Yeay! Another Nanoha Fan! I got the same figma too! ^.^ Haven't review it though.

Hayate Banzai~! ^.^

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