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Today is my worst day that I never had. I got the news from her. By the way, I will not tell who is "her" and the news that I got from her. Because it will make me even more pain. So, let me resume what I did after I knew the news. After, I hung up the phone(because she called me), I was in totally depression by thinking that all I have done so far were worthless. I'm not mad at her. Just by seeing her leaving me was very painful because I tried so hard to get her trust. And at the end, she let me down. I was thinking a lots of things for more than a hour.

I didn't finish my dinner because I was very sad. So, I went back to my room and lay on my bed. I was on the way to cry but I didn't.

Anyways, not enough moods to continu this post... See ya later

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angelpsych0 said...

Hey Derek,
Well I understand everything you wrote, and the news also surprised me. It didn't shock me, but I thought that you would probably take it bad.

I think that you had always known the truth but have been lying to yourself for so long. You kept holding into her and kept telling yourself one day she will love me.

You should stop lowering yourself like that. Get up, stand up. Be strong. You have to learn from your failures. If not, she will only look down on you!

Everyone goes through failures, even I, got rejected many times and I'm glad I was. Why? Because I would never have been happy with those people. I'm not saying she is a bad person, she's a good friend of mine, but you guys might not just be meant for each others.

You must become stronger Derek, show that you're man okay? I'm not forcing you, please, dont feel like I'm giving you orders, I want the best for you. I'm only giving you advices. I'm not telling you what to do, but tools to use. Please do a good use of them..!

Yamada Atsushi said...

be strong Hayasaki-kun, will always support you even I live in Brunei that what friends for ^^

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