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Summer buy list

Many figures release in this summer! So, I have started to browse many sites to compare their prices. My buy list is very long XD I'm saving money to pre-order all at once or buy them when it will be release. Some of them, I already missed the pre-order date >_< Also, they will have a new playset for nendoroid. So let's wait until the summer. My buy list:

Black Rock Shooter
Saber Lily
Midarezaki Kyoka
Kagamine Rin
Hatsune Miku
Konjiki no Yami
Nendoroid Priecia
Nendoroid Playset #2 set A
Nendoroid Playset #2 set B

This is a 1/3 of the list. There's more of course. XD And I don't think in the month of April I will buy more figures or goodies. I'm lack of cash >_<;;;

2 pokes:

Yamada Atsushi said...

Saber Lily!! *pointing at the pic*, BTW is my personal blog XD I thought you reply at my otaku blog

angelpsych0 said...

Hey Hayasaki-san!!!
Omg, Black Rock Shooter has a figurine?? THATS AWESOME! She's so cooool! I like her more than Miku =P Even though they're practically the same person(?) OMG I hope you're not gettind Vocaloid RIn because I will be so jealous that I mgiht sneka into your house, beat you up, and steal it :O!!! SO watch out!!

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