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Birthday party in hotel~

Happy birthday Amy!!!!
Yesterday, it was my friend's birthday!! She's now 23. We were a group of 9 persons and  rented a room in the downtown hotel to celebrate. It was a 3-stars hotel. There was a kitchen but we were all too lazy to do cooking. So, we ordered foods from many restaurants instead. The party was from 5pm until 7am!! At the end, everyone looked like a zombie xD

 at the beginning, before dinner

playing Big 2... with a bet but not big

we ordered sushi from 3 different restaurants!!!

after the dinner, here comes the CAKE~~!!!!

the cake was a chocolate mousse
yummy~~ =p

Elise, Amy and Jennifer
all 3 best friends together

making a wish... the same time, the Canadian won the ice hockey game versus Russia in the Olympic winter 2010 !!!

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