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CNY family dinner~

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Yeah, I know I'm a bit late for that. ^^;;
My cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen them for so long have came to see us. They are living in Vancouver and come from time to time. It means that I got an extra red packet this year ^^ We went to a restaurant to celebrate CNY with them. Uh... I forgot the name of the restaurant but I can say the food was very very good.

looking at menu...

the starter dish:
some cool meats, fried pork, BBQ pork and some vegetables

main dish:
mayonnaise deep fried chicken & pork

don't know the name but it's made of chicken and the skin is crunchy

overall view of the table, for now...

my favorite:
LOBSTER!!!! *drools*

general tao

all dishes that we ordered are here

at the end, everyone was full *sight*

we don't waste food, we packed all the food in a box ^^

all foods are loaded on board, ready to take off

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