No more place??!!

This week, I finally received my Akiyama Mio Original costume ver. from AmiAmi.
But the bad thing is there's no more place left for them in my shelve. So, I need to get a new Detolf from Ikea as soon as possible. And I must think a setup to be able to put it in my room because my bedroom isn't big to fit everything. *headaches*

those figures are left in a corner more than a month and are waiting to be put on a shelve

2 pokes:

Leonia said...

Mio Akiyama Costume is a nice figure, but I prefer Alter version, better. You have nice figure, I love Exelica ^^

Hayasaki-kun said...

@Leonia: Nice! The Alter ver. of Mio is nice and I have to be agree with you ^^

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