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Danny Choo is making with some animation company a new anime called Chinka featuring Mirai-chan. (Danny's blog mascot) The storyline looks interesting. I'm looking forward on this anime for sure. The following contents are all from


Since a few years ago, there have been many cases of arson. In the rural town of Kiyotaki, situated in a beautiful mountain valley, the town folks are talking about the legendary arsonist, Akaneko [赤猫]. The police have completely given up on Akaneko, who has slipped through their fingers every time. The town's only hope is its one and only firefighting team - the Mizuneko [水猫] Fire Brigade. But because of their destructive fire fighting ways, they too are feared by the town folk. Almost every night, Akaneko and the Mizuneko Fire Brigade fight fiercely, taking down many of the town's buildings in the process. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade have depleted most of the town's financial resources so the town ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. The town was in a critical state when Chinka, a girl with a superhuman ability to smell out fires appears. With her powers, the Mizuneko Fire Brigade close in on the true identity of Akaneko...

The town of Kiyotaki

The town is densely packed with small wooden buildings so fires spread rapidly. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade uphold the motto "destructive fire fighting" but because of this, many parts of town lay in ruins.

Mizuneko Fire Brigade  

Although the Mizuneko Fire Brigade is a private organization, as the town of Kiyotaki doesnt have a fire department, Mizuneko Fire Brigade are in charge of the day-to-day firefighting.


This is the main character Chinka (椿香) aged 14 - the naive clumsy new girl who has just joined the Mizuneko fire brigade. She has the ability to sniff out fires from far distances.


This is Shoka (翔華) aged 16 - leader of the Mizuneko fire brigade. Tough boyish character. Favorite vehicle is her two wheeled Mist Dragon. Her father is the mayor of the town.


This is megumi (めぐみ) aged 17- the bishojo with a tennen (おっとり天然系) personality - cant describe that in English so just imagine something similar to Miyuki (Lucky Star) and Mugi (k-on).
Megumi is a descendant of the legendary fireman of the Edo period Shinmon Tatsugoro (新門辰五郎). She excels at extinguishing fires and is the only one who can control the fierce Mikoto pumps.


The quiet mechanic Mikoto (ミコト) aged 15. She looks after the maintenance of the fire engines and does a load of customization to them too - all the fire fighting equipment on the engines have been turned into weapons which deliver incredible water pressure.


In Chinka, Mirai plays the part of a cat loving maid waitress who works at the cafeteria located near the Mizuneko headquarters. The cafeteria is where the Mizuneko girls to go to relax after a hard days work but they tend to run amok and cause trouble for gullible Mirai-chan ^^; 


Hibuse-san (ヒブセさん) - the station cat. Was picked up by Shoka at the scene of a fire one day and as been living at the fire station garage ever since.  

Downpor Dragon with more details.

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