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My room updated~

I remember the last time that I cleaned my room was 3 months ago. There was many box towers from HobbySearch and AmiAmi in my room. So, I took a chance to arranged my bedroom today since I'm in my spring break this week. Woohoo~! I started this morning and ended this afternoon. I sweated a lot because I need to go down, up, down, up, again and again to be able to put all the boxes in the garage *sight*

my nice warm bed

 mangas next to the bed

the newest mangas that I have bought

entrance/exit of the room

my workstation and my nice figures

Detolf and my server in the closet

view from the bed

another view from the bed

so many wires under the table

2 pokes:

Leonia said...

You have a nice room ^^ Clean and tidy ^^

Hayasaki-kun said...

@Leonia: Arigatou~! ^^

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