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Mirai-chan Dakimakura

Last year, Danny said Mirai-chan dakimakura will be available soon. I was so exited to get my first dakimakura but he said it was a April fool at the end. T-T But finally, my dream come true. The Mirai-chan dakimakura was released 2 days ago on AmiAmi only!! Also, it comes with an exclusive telephone card with Mirai-chan print. (use only in Japan) In the descriptions, it says the card contains 50 units. I really don't know what;s 50 units, maybe you can make 50 calls...

grab this pic from AmiAmi

pic from

It's selling at 9800yen but the 50% off on shipping it's still here. So, at least I saved some of my precious money ^^ I already ordered, can' wait!! How about you?

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