Fate T.H

Finally, Fate figma arrived today at my doorstep. But she was at my post office since 24 december >_<

Now, I'm waiting for figma Shana! Hope she will be at my doorstep soon ^^

Yet another Figma...

Like I said yesterday, my Figma Hatsune Miku arrived today straight from Japan!!

I bought her during the giveaway Christmas outfits event. So I got one Santa hat, one Santa cap and one Santa bag. I was lucky because this event have started on 10th Dec and ended on the next day due of out of stock. ^^

Figma fever

Today, I received my order from KidNemo!

Mikuru was asking me what's inside the box.


In Canada, it's already snowing and you're about to freeze outside. So people like to stay in the shopping's mall or simply stay at home. Today, I went to McDee with my sister. And we ordered each one a Mcflurry! XD Yeah! a McFlurry during winter!! XD The cashier was looking to us with weird eyes. That's because we went to a restaurant before McDee. And after, we really want a dessert at the end, something sweet, of course. Have you ever try this before? Eat ice cream stuff during winter? o_O

After the movie...

Hey folks!! I just came back from the cinema... The movie was great even I have already saw it. XD

The only things I didn't like it was their lips. It doesn't match with what they says. >_< The overall was good. ^^

And...sorry I didn't take much pics because I arrived a bit late, uhmmm 5min. late. ^_^" So, I took them before leaving... >_<"

Death note 2 in Canada

Few days ago, I won 2 tickets in an anime convention Otakuthon. Very happy at this moment.

They show this movie for one night only, Dec 3rd 2008. Not new for me and I'm sure everyone have already see that movie. But I'm curious to see how the dubbed version will be. ^^ Maybe some people will cosplay to come see the movie. XD It will be funny. Awwww L's everywhere. lol

And they will show us some exclusives footage and "behind the scenes"

Hope I won't fall asleep during the movie ^_^
I will take some pictures during the waiting to show how popular it is. XD

Useful Goodies

My order of goodies have arrived since 3 weeks ago. And I didn't have time to upload photos of my goodies. A lots of exams were waiting for me for the few past weeks. My apologize >_<" I bought myself the Code Geass messenger bag. Very nice bag, no regrets for this purchase. It has 2 pockets on each side, 2 in the front and as usual one with enough of space to put books or whatever you likes. The pockets in the front are very useful to carry figmas, it fit very well ^^. Next one is an anime calendar 2009 with full images of Lucky Stars, Kanon and Hatsune Miku. Now I'm set for 2009!!! Also, I added reminders on it for free of charge.(eg. friend's birth, important days, etc...) The last one is Danny Choo t-shirt ver. "tare" designed by Chun. The tee, I already got it very long time ago, uhmm, maybe for 2 months...

If you want to buy Tare tee, here's the link to Chun's shop

Woot!! for Figma loot

This morning, around 9am, I was still in my warm bed. Suddenly, I heard someone were in front of my house. And then, my father called me. It was my package ordered from HobbySearch. I need to pay for the Customs, 28.17$CAD, I hate when it happen.

After, I ran up to my room and start to open the box.

So excited when I started to get those Figmas out.

Here's my brand new Figmas ready to be add into my collection.

I started playing with them, trying to think about a story that I can make. After my day of school, I came back with an idea, at last.


Yuki: ...

Itsuki: Hey! Yuki! ^^ Did you...

Haruhi: CUT!!!!!!

Itsuki: Huh?! Wha...what?! o_O"
Haruhi: You rude my sketch! >O<"

Itsuki: Bu..bu...but, I didn't mean it. -_-"
Haruhi: I don't care! >O<"
Kyon: Oh! I must record that. Hehehe ^-^

Itsuki: Ok... I'm sorry. My bad. >_<"
Haruhi: No! I can't let you go, I won't accept your apologize!
Kyon: Hehehe... The situation is getting worst. I like that. ^3^
Yuki: ...

Haruhi: If you want me to forgive you, let me do...
Itsuki: Huh?!

Haruhi: THAT!!!!
Itsuki: AWWWWW!!! HELP!

At the same time Mikuru enter into the classroom.
Mikuru: Uh...! What are they doing?

Kyon: Nothing! (Here's my chance to film Mikuru)
Mikuru: STOP!!! Don't film me!! >0<

Mikuru: I said stop!!! T^T
Kyon: Ah! Come one, just for a few minutes.
Haruhi: Why you.....!!
Itsuki: *fainted* x_x

Haruhi: There! pervert! -__-"
Mikuru: Thanks!! ^_^
Yuki: Well done...
Kyon: *fainted* x_x
Itsuki: *fainted* x_x

Hope you have enjoyed this little story, and at least laugh a little bit.

Ingram 98-AV

New action figurine arrived today! This one's from the anime Patlabor, it's an old anime. The first OVA was around 1988~1989. Then, TV series came out with 47 episodes(1989~1990) I remember I was watching this anime every week, since they just broadcast once a week. That was my first mecha anime. During the TV show, they have produced the first movie: Patlabor the movie(1989). Few years later after the TV series were finished, a new movie has show up: Patlabor 2(1993). The recent movie came out in March 2002: Patlabor WXIII, and later no more sign from them.

They called this mecha Ingram 98-AV. This figurine is made with metal. Very resistant and it won't break easily. Also, very heavy.

Let's game!

I'm back! Sorry, I was away for a while. Now, let me do my first post. \ (^_^) /

Recently, I bought myself a refurbished laptop. It's the ASUS G1S-X1. I saved more than $ 200! Quite a good saving. This notebook is made for gamers, just like me. Before I bought it, I was thinking should I buy an Alienware instead? By looking in my bank account the question have been answered.


HEY!!! I just created this blog to present pictures of figurines that I actually own. And I will show some pictures of my lifetime. Hope you will enjoy! Let's getting start...

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