No more place??!!

This week, I finally received my Akiyama Mio Original costume ver. from AmiAmi.
But the bad thing is there's no more place left for them in my shelve. So, I need to get a new Detolf from Ikea as soon as possible. And I must think a setup to be able to put it in my room because my bedroom isn't big to fit everything. *headaches*

those figures are left in a corner more than a month and are waiting to be put on a shelve

Birthday party in hotel~

Happy birthday Amy!!!!
Yesterday, it was my friend's birthday!! She's now 23. We were a group of 9 persons and  rented a room in the downtown hotel to celebrate. It was a 3-stars hotel. There was a kitchen but we were all too lazy to do cooking. So, we ordered foods from many restaurants instead. The party was from 5pm until 7am!! At the end, everyone looked like a zombie xD

 at the beginning, before dinner

CNY family dinner~

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Yeah, I know I'm a bit late for that. ^^;;
My cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen them for so long have came to see us. They are living in Vancouver and come from time to time. It means that I got an extra red packet this year ^^ We went to a restaurant to celebrate CNY with them. Uh... I forgot the name of the restaurant but I can say the food was very very good.

looking at menu...

AmiAmi 50% off


This morning I have received an e-mail from AmiAmi to ask me to pay my order via Paypal. And I see something strange in the payment invoice. There was something called "February Half-Off Shipping Promotion". So, I went on their website to find out what kind of promotion is it... Here's the big surprise: during all February there will be a 50% off on all international shipping via EMS or SAL! I'm so happy because usually my shipping cost me a bomb!!! 

Now, let me see what figure/goodies I want from AmiAmi ^_^

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