Otacool 2: Worldwide cosplayers

Woot! I just got my fresh new printed Otacool 2 book! I have only opened to see a few pages very fast but I didn't read the contents yet. Because it's already near the end of the semester and exams are coming fast too. But by seeing the cover and the back of the book, I can say there's many many pretty pictures of all cosplayers around the world.

T&T Supermarket

During Easter weekend, I went with my family to Ottawa to visit the new T&T Supermarket. It's a asian supermarket that sells everything. They also sells hot foods like dim sum, roasted duck with rice, chicken feet my favorite, etc. and you can eat there or take-out. We drove straight 2 hours no pause that was hard. ^^;;

Kousaka Tamaki ~school swimsuit maid ver.~

YAY! I got the beautiful Tamaki today from AmiAmi! Built by Griffon Enterprise and 1/7 scale. She's from ToHeart 2, the story is about school girls life. This beauty cost me 6,080 yen, is a good price for a 1/7. Also I got Iron Strategist Ymir in the same package but I will post her later.

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