Fate T.H

Finally, Fate figma arrived today at my doorstep. But she was at my post office since 24 december >_<

Now, I'm waiting for figma Shana! Hope she will be at my doorstep soon ^^

Yet another Figma...

Like I said yesterday, my Figma Hatsune Miku arrived today straight from Japan!!

I bought her during the giveaway Christmas outfits event. So I got one Santa hat, one Santa cap and one Santa bag. I was lucky because this event have started on 10th Dec and ended on the next day due of out of stock. ^^

Figma fever

Today, I received my order from KidNemo!

Mikuru was asking me what's inside the box.


In Canada, it's already snowing and you're about to freeze outside. So people like to stay in the shopping's mall or simply stay at home. Today, I went to McDee with my sister. And we ordered each one a Mcflurry! XD Yeah! a McFlurry during winter!! XD The cashier was looking to us with weird eyes. That's because we went to a restaurant before McDee. And after, we really want a dessert at the end, something sweet, of course. Have you ever try this before? Eat ice cream stuff during winter? o_O

After the movie...

Hey folks!! I just came back from the cinema... The movie was great even I have already saw it. XD

The only things I didn't like it was their lips. It doesn't match with what they says. >_< The overall was good. ^^

And...sorry I didn't take much pics because I arrived a bit late, uhmmm 5min. late. ^_^" So, I took them before leaving... >_<"

Death note 2 in Canada

Few days ago, I won 2 tickets in an anime convention Otakuthon. Very happy at this moment.

They show this movie for one night only, Dec 3rd 2008. Not new for me and I'm sure everyone have already see that movie. But I'm curious to see how the dubbed version will be. ^^ Maybe some people will cosplay to come see the movie. XD It will be funny. Awwww L's everywhere. lol

And they will show us some exclusives footage and "behind the scenes"

Hope I won't fall asleep during the movie ^_^
I will take some pictures during the waiting to show how popular it is. XD

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