Chinka preview

Here's the first preview clip of Chinka. I found this today on Enjoy!


Danny Choo is making with some animation company a new anime called Chinka featuring Mirai-chan. (Danny's blog mascot) The storyline looks interesting. I'm looking forward on this anime for sure. The following contents are all from

Mirai-chan Dakimakura

Last year, Danny said Mirai-chan dakimakura will be available soon. I was so exited to get my first dakimakura but he said it was a April fool at the end. T-T But finally, my dream come true. The Mirai-chan dakimakura was released 2 days ago on AmiAmi only!! Also, it comes with an exclusive telephone card with Mirai-chan print. (use only in Japan) In the descriptions, it says the card contains 50 units. I really don't know what;s 50 units, maybe you can make 50 calls...

grab this pic from AmiAmi

My room updated~

I remember the last time that I cleaned my room was 3 months ago. There was many box towers from HobbySearch and AmiAmi in my room. So, I took a chance to arranged my bedroom today since I'm in my spring break this week. Woohoo~! I started this morning and ended this afternoon. I sweated a lot because I need to go down, up, down, up, again and again to be able to put all the boxes in the garage *sight*

my nice warm bed

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