Summer job

I'm working in an amusement park. It's my summer job. It will help me gain money for figures of course, for school and other stuff that I can't recall >_<;; I will be working in the section for kids but I like that. Last year, I see a bunch of kids running toward my ride XD That's right, I operate a ride for kids.

It is my 4th years for this job, but it's only seasonal(summer). So, during the year I need to save and don't spend too much. And I always ended with 10% left of the total salary. ^_^;;;

The worst thing, for this year, is I want to buy a Dollfie Dream. That cost around USD$700. Quite a pain in my wallet. So, I need to work hard this summer to be able to get one.

I will post my Signum review as fast as I can. Gomene~ >_<

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