December loot~

At the end of each month, I will post my loot. And it also gives an idea to everyone what figure reviews will be coming up. This month loot isn't big like the previous one. But at least my collection still growing. xD

First, I got Akiha Shishido and Mutsumi Shimoyama at AmiAmi. They are from Sora Kake Girl. They are my 2 first swimsuit figures xD I found out their was a big difference between HobbySearch and AmiAmi on the price. The next one is Jordh from Megachu!, a friend of Fauna. And the last one is Exelica. I don't know who she is but I like how they made her. I like mecha girls ^_^

Twins Vocaloid #02

Yet another figure post! This time is Kagamine Rin and Len. The twin yellow vocaloid. I got them on HobbySearch like always. They were on sale at the bargain section at 3,314yen each, almost half price. And that will complete the trio with Hatsune Miku. ^^

#02 band

Saber Lily - Distant Avalon

I got the figure 2 months ago. ^_^;; I was too lazy to make a post for this beauty. But I realized it will be a waste if I don't post it. Saber Lily was introduced from a PS2 game called Fate/Unlimited Codes. This is an action game(press up, down, up, x, for special move, things like that xD) I have never played this game since it has been release only at Japan T^T

Chibi Saber

Few weeks ago, I got Saber from the Special Sales on HobbySearch. She was part of my November loot.
In this version, she looks like a Nendoroid but bigger. She's still on sale at 1,194yen on HS. If you want it, don't miss your chance.

huge head xD

Merii Kurisumasu~

Its Christmas once again!! I think everyone is in Christmas spirit!! I hope everyone is enjoying the party with the family or friends.

This holidays, I'm not with my family and friends because I went to trip to Malaysia for Comic Fiesta 2009. But I have met some members and have great times with them. ^^ I will be back at my home around mid January.

I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!! \(-^0^-)/

Fauna GET!

YAY! I finally got Fauna from Max Factory. She's from Megachu!. I bought her from a member on He was very nice and reduce the price to 40$USD + 11$USD for shipping. A good price for an used figure. Fauna is a discontinue figure and hard to find. She was release on Dec 2007.


My Anime watchlist [Winter 2009]

After the New Years 2010, there will be many interesting animes coming up. I will give more details next time.

Now, I'm currently watching these animes:


Vocaloid Nendo puchi Box set #1

Yesterday, I said that I will reveal my newest loot... And it just released at Japan!

Behold!!! The Vocaloid Nendoroid puchi Box set #1 from Good Smile Company. I got it from HobbySearch as usual. Cost me 8,400yen including shipping fees.

Top of the box

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