4 in 1 loot: Feng pastel Box

Today, I received Feng pastel Box from AmiAmi. This time, it cost my arm, around 9600 yen include shipping fees That's because there's more than just a figure. It comes 3 clear posters,visual book and a mouse pad. Well, for the price I can say it is acceptable because it's a limited figure plus goodies as bonus.

K-On! Yui Hirasawa

This time I got Yui from HobbySearch. Actually, I order more at AmiAmi than HS. Because they offer SAL shipping method on most of the products. It helps me to save money. Well, she cost me 6460 yen + 1860 yen shipping. She's now sold out everywhere but I'm sure they will restock soon.

Iron Strategist Ymir

I received Ymir more than a week. Today, I finally find some free time to take pics of her and post on my blog. I have ordered her on Amiami since Christmas. She cost me 5450yen. I'm so happy to own her in my collection.

Otacool 3 Submission

Well, Otacool 2 have just been released since a month. And now, Danny Choo have already announced the Otacool 3 theme. It will be Worldwide Workspaces. The submissions for this is already open on figure.fm.

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