Black Rock Shooter nendoroid ver.

Yay! I have received BRS in time before Christmas. I thought it got stuck in Customs for the rest of the holidays. I want my loot so bad when I saw on Canada Post's website that she has arrived in my town. Anyways, I'm so happy because today it's Christmas Eve, that mean there's a big party at my friend's house tonight and I have finally received BRS... it has been a while I haven't buy figures. I bought her on Amiami around 1100 yen!

No more place 2

I'm finally back on my blog since I have a lots school projects these past few months... my bad >_<;;
Recently, the template I was using for this blog, all the images(background,banner...) were gone! The problem was the website I used to stock all my images. They deleted my account. I don't know why... This time, I put all my images on another website of mine called stockIMG. After that, I need to edit a few lines of the code in the .xml file. And here it works again!!! ^_^

Well, I haven't buy the shelve yet (IKEA). So, the figure box tower is getting taller. All the box are stacked together. I hope I can buy the shelve soon. If I keep like that my room will be full of figure box.

You can see the difference between 9 months ago and now. And I hope I can update more often my blog right now...

Jobs done, Back to school

Well as you can see like each year in the summer, I don't update very often my blog because of my work. Every day I returned to my home very tired and when it's a day off I have no mood to post anything. But when the school starts back, it means work it's over. So, my mood will come back once again. Right now, I will post regularly each week like before. My semester have already started since yesterday, so I will have much more time to relax and update my blog.


Late summer loot: Sora Kasugano ~School swimsuit~

Sorry! I didn't have any time to post anything last month. Because my summer job have already started. I work in an amusement park. My shift is from opening to closing (10am to 10h30pm) As you can see, it's more than 12 hours of work!!!! D: I will make a post of this later...

Back to the topic, I have received my figure loot a week ago. Not a big one but still. Sora Kasugano is built by Kotobukiya. I bought her on AmiAmi at 5,450yen + 3,200yen for shipping fee. Also, she's 1/6 scale. Lovely figure ^^

 4-Leaves serie

4 in 1 loot: Feng pastel Box

Today, I received Feng pastel Box from AmiAmi. This time, it cost my arm, around 9600 yen include shipping fees That's because there's more than just a figure. It comes 3 clear posters,visual book and a mouse pad. Well, for the price I can say it is acceptable because it's a limited figure plus goodies as bonus.

K-On! Yui Hirasawa

This time I got Yui from HobbySearch. Actually, I order more at AmiAmi than HS. Because they offer SAL shipping method on most of the products. It helps me to save money. Well, she cost me 6460 yen + 1860 yen shipping. She's now sold out everywhere but I'm sure they will restock soon.

Iron Strategist Ymir

I received Ymir more than a week. Today, I finally find some free time to take pics of her and post on my blog. I have ordered her on Amiami since Christmas. She cost me 5450yen. I'm so happy to own her in my collection.

Otacool 3 Submission

Well, Otacool 2 have just been released since a month. And now, Danny Choo have already announced the Otacool 3 theme. It will be Worldwide Workspaces. The submissions for this is already open on

Otacool 2: Worldwide cosplayers

Woot! I just got my fresh new printed Otacool 2 book! I have only opened to see a few pages very fast but I didn't read the contents yet. Because it's already near the end of the semester and exams are coming fast too. But by seeing the cover and the back of the book, I can say there's many many pretty pictures of all cosplayers around the world.

T&T Supermarket

During Easter weekend, I went with my family to Ottawa to visit the new T&T Supermarket. It's a asian supermarket that sells everything. They also sells hot foods like dim sum, roasted duck with rice, chicken feet my favorite, etc. and you can eat there or take-out. We drove straight 2 hours no pause that was hard. ^^;;

Kousaka Tamaki ~school swimsuit maid ver.~

YAY! I got the beautiful Tamaki today from AmiAmi! Built by Griffon Enterprise and 1/7 scale. She's from ToHeart 2, the story is about school girls life. This beauty cost me 6,080 yen, is a good price for a 1/7. Also I got Iron Strategist Ymir in the same package but I will post her later.

Chinka preview

Here's the first preview clip of Chinka. I found this today on Enjoy!


Danny Choo is making with some animation company a new anime called Chinka featuring Mirai-chan. (Danny's blog mascot) The storyline looks interesting. I'm looking forward on this anime for sure. The following contents are all from

Mirai-chan Dakimakura

Last year, Danny said Mirai-chan dakimakura will be available soon. I was so exited to get my first dakimakura but he said it was a April fool at the end. T-T But finally, my dream come true. The Mirai-chan dakimakura was released 2 days ago on AmiAmi only!! Also, it comes with an exclusive telephone card with Mirai-chan print. (use only in Japan) In the descriptions, it says the card contains 50 units. I really don't know what;s 50 units, maybe you can make 50 calls...

grab this pic from AmiAmi

My room updated~

I remember the last time that I cleaned my room was 3 months ago. There was many box towers from HobbySearch and AmiAmi in my room. So, I took a chance to arranged my bedroom today since I'm in my spring break this week. Woohoo~! I started this morning and ended this afternoon. I sweated a lot because I need to go down, up, down, up, again and again to be able to put all the boxes in the garage *sight*

my nice warm bed

No more place??!!

This week, I finally received my Akiyama Mio Original costume ver. from AmiAmi.
But the bad thing is there's no more place left for them in my shelve. So, I need to get a new Detolf from Ikea as soon as possible. And I must think a setup to be able to put it in my room because my bedroom isn't big to fit everything. *headaches*

those figures are left in a corner more than a month and are waiting to be put on a shelve

Birthday party in hotel~

Happy birthday Amy!!!!
Yesterday, it was my friend's birthday!! She's now 23. We were a group of 9 persons and  rented a room in the downtown hotel to celebrate. It was a 3-stars hotel. There was a kitchen but we were all too lazy to do cooking. So, we ordered foods from many restaurants instead. The party was from 5pm until 7am!! At the end, everyone looked like a zombie xD

 at the beginning, before dinner

CNY family dinner~

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Yeah, I know I'm a bit late for that. ^^;;
My cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen them for so long have came to see us. They are living in Vancouver and come from time to time. It means that I got an extra red packet this year ^^ We went to a restaurant to celebrate CNY with them. Uh... I forgot the name of the restaurant but I can say the food was very very good.

looking at menu...

AmiAmi 50% off


This morning I have received an e-mail from AmiAmi to ask me to pay my order via Paypal. And I see something strange in the payment invoice. There was something called "February Half-Off Shipping Promotion". So, I went on their website to find out what kind of promotion is it... Here's the big surprise: during all February there will be a 50% off on all international shipping via EMS or SAL! I'm so happy because usually my shipping cost me a bomb!!! 

Now, let me see what figure/goodies I want from AmiAmi ^_^

Little Busters! Mug Cup

Wooot~! I bought a mug cup last 2 weeks and I went to the post office to grab it today. Recently, HobbySearch have introduced "SAL Small Packet" a new shipping method that cost cheaper than "EMS Express Mail Service". Of course, SAL is slower than EMS since we pay less.

So I tried this new service to save money and the Customs fees. It took 1 week and 3 days to reach my doorstep instead of 4~6 days with EMS this Little Busters! mug cup. I think it is worthwhile to use this service even if it's slow. It save money little by little and at the end I can buy another figure/goodies or whatever you want with the saved money.

Dengeki Daioh Feb2010

Got my copie of Dengeki Daioh magazine today. This is my first magazine order... That was a surprise when I received it because I thought it was a normal magazine that introduce new animes, figures and games. But this one have merged many manga chapters together. It wasn't mentioned in the descriptions when I bought it. T^T


Buylist of 2010

A new year have just started, so a new buylist will come also with it. Of course, the list will grow during the year... And I'm sure it will explode my budget at the end of the years.

Hatsune Miku: VN02
Ymir: Steel Staff ver.
Akiyama Mio: Original costume ver.
Hirasawa Yui
Kousaka Tamaki: School Swimsuit Maid ver.
Sonsaku Hakufu: Gym suit ver.2
Black ★ Rock Shooter: Black blade ver.
Saber: The Promised Sword of Victory Excalibur

That's for now, like I said this is just the start xD Some of them, I have already pre-ordered. The others, I'm still waiting for the release date.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

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