The first 2009 loot...

My Manaka Komaki figure from To Heart 2 has just arrive! I got it from Akadot, it was on promotion, 50% off, so I purchased her for 23.60$US including shipping fees. It was a good deal ^^. That's because she has been release since age ago and they wants to get rip off her.

Korean Bento

Today, I went to a Korean restaurant with my friends to try their bento.

This bento included one U-Don soup, chicken fried rice, deep fried shrimp and vegetables, few pices of sushis, fruits desert and soya sauce with wasabi.

Tsukasa asked me to give one shrimp tempura to her. I said no because I don't want her to get fat XD

At the end, we were full. The price was reasonable, 13$CAN, and you can eat various foods. ^^

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