Valentines with my maid...

Hey folks! Today is a special day for all couples or lovers. And it's on a Saturday! That's allow people to pass the night at their lover's place ^_^ or hanging out very late.

As for me, I hired a maid recently and I'm sticking my Valentines day with her ^_^;; She's Izumi Sawatari from the anime He is my master. I got her from Archonia. She was on sale for 21.50$US. I always go in bargains figures section first, to see if there's a nice/kawaii figures that lives inside. XD

Yeah, that's mean I'm single. No doubt >_<


A friend of mine gave me a poster of Miku Hatsune. My fav Vocaloid character ^^ I didn't expect anything. It surprised me when she gave it to me.

Very beautiful! I have putted on the side of y commputer tower that's next to me. So, I can look at it anytime ^_^

Hmm... Now I need to think about what I should get for her birthday. *headache* That is always my weak point when it comes. >_<;

Figma Fate T.H

Sorry for the late post >_<; School has already started since two weeks and I have a lots of homework and project to do T-T But I will try to keep my blog active. So, as I said, uhmmm three weeks ago, that I will post some pics of Fate T.H from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. I got this action figure from Hobby Search.

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