No more place 2

I'm finally back on my blog since I have a lots school projects these past few months... my bad >_<;;
Recently, the template I was using for this blog, all the images(background,banner...) were gone! The problem was the website I used to stock all my images. They deleted my account. I don't know why... This time, I put all my images on another website of mine called stockIMG. After that, I need to edit a few lines of the code in the .xml file. And here it works again!!! ^_^

Well, I haven't buy the shelve yet (IKEA). So, the figure box tower is getting taller. All the box are stacked together. I hope I can buy the shelve soon. If I keep like that my room will be full of figure box.

You can see the difference between 9 months ago and now. And I hope I can update more often my blog right now...

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